CEO Message

Welcome to our website,

This site is meant for those who would like to learn more about PT. Kandarra Indonesia and what we have to offer. I hope that through the information provided here, we can give you an insight into our company and its' services. PT. Kandarra Indonesia commonly known as Kandarra was created to support and assist Principal's demands overseas for Offshore fleet, Tanker, LNG, Cargo, Bulk and Tug vessels which have been preferred vessels for Indonesian Seafarers.

Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. Its geography consists of numerous islands and ethnic groups. But as a developing nation, we are still struggling with income inequality and high unemployment rate. The high population rate is not followed by good labor absorption. The number of existing industries in Indonesia are not able to absorb the abundant labor force due to the low wage offered. The minimum wage standard cannot realistically cover the rising living costs.

As a result, due to the higher salaries offered by neighbouring countries and overseas private companies, many Indonesians choose to work overseas to seek better living conditions.

Realizing the conditions above, Kandarra aims to focus not only in accommodating the placement of Indonesian workers who are willing to work overseas but also at the same time assisting overseas companies to recruit and hire foreign workers due to labor supply scarcity in its' own country.

Indonesia has excellent age demographics with a vibrant and abundant workforce. There are many schools specializing in educating Seafarers, preparing them for active duty. I am sure that you will be positively surprised as I am confident that you will find recruits from Indonesia to be well qualified and able to fill any position that your company may require.

Please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in considering to cooperate with our company for the long-term programs concerning manpower, our Marketing Team will be very happy to assist you anytime. We are ready to meet and follow your requirements as your Manning Agency. For the M.o.U purposes, we are ready and willing to come to your office at a time of your convenience if it is necessary.

We look forward to hear from you, to signing the agreement and working together to form a mutually beneficial partnership in the very near future.

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