Growing alongside his (Mr. Iskandar Bahar) family business, PT. Berjaya Bintang Samudera (BBS) was founded in 1989 by his Father - Mr. Muhammad Bahar.

PT. Berjaya Bintang Samudera - 1989 till present
Supplying skilled seafarers to Japanese fishing vessels around the world.
*+ One of the pioneer fishing recruitment Agent supplying skilled labors to Japanese fishing vessels around the world.
*+ One of 10 Companies Asiawide which has deployed over 27.000 Indonesian seamen to Japanese Fishing Vessels.
*+ The only Company to sign an agreement with the Japanese Government to create Training Programmes to educate Indonesian Seafarers to all kinds of Japanese Fishing Vessels.

In over 25 years in business, BBS has managed to send a lot of labor to many foreign countries.

In 1992, our Director, Mr. Iskandar Bahar founded PT. Merdeka Sejahtera Bahari, to facilitate the demand for skilled seafarer of Cargo Reefer, General Cargo Ships, many South Korean Fisheries & Shipping Agent.

PT. Merdeka Sejahtera Bahari - 1992 till present

  • Supplying skilled seafarer to
    • Cargo Reefer
    • General Cargo Ships
    • Many South Korean Fisheries

*+ One of the pioneer fishing recruitment Agent supplying skilled labors to South Korean fisheries industry.
*+ One of the only Companies in Indonesia to deploy over 3.800 Indonesian seamen to the South Korean Fishing Industry.

  • Shipping Agent

In 2003, Mr. Iskandar officially joined the Board of Directors of PT. Berjaya Bintang Samudera (BBS).

Both these companies that Mr. Iskandar currently manages has achieved the most amount of labors sent to their respective countries.

With abundant experience in the recruitment industry, PT. Kandarra Indonesia was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of supplying skilled labor to Offshore Supply Companies especially in the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide. We realise that Kandarra is competing with other recruitment agents who are established, experienced and already have a long standing relationship and have gained the trust of their respective Principals.

In 2014 Kandarra have worked with ESNAAD, UAE. (ESNAAD was a wholly owned subsidiary of ADNOC. In late 2016, three ADNOC subsidiaries; ESNAAD, IRSHAD and ADNATCO was integrated into ADNOC Logistics & Services and are 100% fully owned by ADNOC).

In 2018 Kandarra hold an M.O.U with Swire Pacific Offshore, Singapore.

Although we have cultivated good relations with our clients in Singapore, Malaysia, China, UAE and UK, the fall in global crude oil prices have caused a significant decline in the demand for offshore crew in the marine Industry worldwide. This has also negatively impacted our Clients' businesses. Some has suffered losses that have prompted them to close their branches in several countries and have resulted in consolidation in order to survive.

In 2020, we are optimistic that with our preparedness and experience we are able to compete with other recruitment agents here in Indonesia and abroad to provide value for our Principals. During this time of uncertainty where market recovery remains unpredictable, you can be sure that we at PT. Kandarra Indonesia will always strive to do our best and not only serve the needs of our clients, but also to lay the groundwork for a trusted and long lasting working relationship with our Principals.