Main Activities

Manning Agency – Recruitment of Sea Crews. Compliance with regulation 1.4 MLC 2006 certification.
Provide, Supply and Deploy Highly Qualified Manpower to Many Types of Vessels Overseas Worldwide.

For over 25 years, our Management Team have been experienced in recruiting and gathering qualified seafarers. We conduct Preliminary Crew interview, to ensure that every crew is equipped with valid documentation and certificates such as STCW, COC Certificates of Competency, PP, SMB, Medicals (Medicals approved centers only) ensuring they are physically fit for duty, free of drug abuse, dangerous health conditions and other certificates needed in accordance to Principal's requirements. The Principal is then notified and informed regarding the results of the tests above for their consideration.
We manage payroll administration, personnel database and provide counselling, planning, developing and executing programs to train our Crew for their future.

We arrange airport pick up, Immigration clearance, entertainment, hotel bookings, dining places for our Principal.
Accompany Principal to our Office to conduct face to face interviews with selected Candidates to help the Principal reach a final decision.

We prepare the necessary paperwork for our Crew, such as Work Contracts, Visa applications and endorse crew's medical result with related Embassies. Preparing the mentality of our Crew, informing him more about the destination Country's tradition, cultural habits, demographics and learning to work with Crews of other Nationalities. Ensuring Crew's departure necessities including ticketing and immigration related issues. Providing solutions and mediating Crew related issues, such as misunderstanding that may take place between our Crew, and preventing runaway Crews.

Arranging Crew Insurance should any harm befall him during active duty. Also ensuring Crew's Corpse return to Indonesia should they unexpectedly pass away during active duty. Checking and sending Invoices to Principal regarding Recruitment Fees, Agency Expenses i.e.; Airline Tickets, Training Programs and other expenses that may occur according to The Contract signed with the Principal. Taking care of crew's accounts. Prepare crew's monthly home remittance. Arranging for crew pickup from Jakarta International airport.

Adapting to new regulations, policies and procedures that fully conform to current labour laws and regulations.

During all those times we are used to working on weekends and public holidays (i.e.: Lebaran, Ramadhan, Christmas or New Year's Day) if there are any urgent matters that need immediate attention by our Fixed Principals.

Our Management Team has experience deploying Seafarers to many countries, including:

Africa Cape Town, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Mahe-Seychelles, Mauritius (Port Louis)
North America Canada
South America Brazil, Colombia (Cartagena), Panama, Peru (Callao)
Europe Ireland, Spain (Las Palmas)
Middle East Abu Dhabi - UAE
Asia China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam
Oceania Australia, New Zealand
Pacific Guam, Hawaii, Majuro (Marshall Islands), Nadi (Fiji), New Caledonia - Noumea, Nuku-Hiva (French
Polynesia), Papiti (French Polynesia), Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands), Solomon Islands, Suva (Fiji), Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Onshore & Other Industry
With 3 months notice before deployment (6 months notice if additional licences are needed).

Side Activities

  • Buys scrap metal & unused vessels
  • Supplies workers to major contractors in Indonesia to build buildings and infrastructure