By being a capable, reliable and trusted agency in recruiting competent and skilled workers according to Principal demands, always striving to give the best quality service and maintaining a high level of commitment throughout to deliver Principal satisfaction and forge a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with companies worldwide.



To assist the Principal to achieve their goals by providing them with qualified highly skilled and experienced seafarers according to Principal's requirements.
To recruit and deploy all crew without any problems or complaints. 
To facilitate and organize Principal's demands around the globe to recruit qualified Indonesian seafarers.
To educate and nurture seafarers to become a skilled, strong and wise individual with a good character.
To be the Principal's first and last choice of Agency in recruiting competent and skilled workers.


Our Concern

To secure "Timely Monthly Salaries" for all our recruits, so they are able to perform and work within their job description. Our recruits are our most valuable asset. We treat them like family.
To give every honest worker their due.
To ensure that our crew end up working for a professional company.


Our Values

H Honesty
I Integrity
R Reliability
E Experienced


Our Motto

"Performance Comes First"


Corporate Social Responsibility

A portion of our company's profits are donated to the poor, local orphanages and other social activities.