For Offshore Marine Industry and general CV, simply Download Kandarra CV Form (best viewed with Word 2016 and above), fill and send to

(After your submitted application form is confirmed, we will reply you within a few days should your experience and qualifications meet our Clients requirements. Response time varies as we have to review many applications thoroughly in order to get the most suitable position for you and our Principal).

We request you to update your Kandarra CV Form time to time if there are any changes or updates such as your Certificates, Passport, Seaman's Book, E-mail, Mobile or WhatsApp number, etc.

We will contact you for future job opportunities as new vacancies arise.

(Please stay in touch, check our website frequently and follow all our social media network to make it easier to inform you and convey all important information so you can act fast when an opportunity arises).

Please make yourself available for Interview and this may come at a time that is inconvenient for you.


  • Maximum age of candidates is 50 years for Officers and 40 for Rating Class.
  • Crew minimal must be able to understand, speak and write in English.
  • All certificates must be renewed and valid before you join our Principal vessel or project (valid passport with a minimum of 1 year validity or base on your contract).
  • All Crew (local and abroad) must fully cooperate.
  • Candidates who do not provide the correct information (fake information and/or fake certificates), lied or do not keep his promise, no commitment or UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR, WILL BE BLACKLISTED by our company. We also strictly do not tolerate any drug abuse.
  • All candidates must perform as per their duty with GOOD ATTITUDE and MANNERS.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any third party claiming to represent PT. Kandarra Indonesia. We only communicate through our official channels. You can check our phone numbers from our official website. E-mail correspondence will also be done through official (name or division e-mail accounts (not gmail or yahoo & cbn, etc). All contact details and our online application form can be found on our official company website,

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a Career with PT. Kandarra Indonesia. We wish you every success in your future career.