Mr. Haris - DP Full
AHTS AHT - Master, Malaysia
Mr. Madjid
AHTS AHT Barge Seismic - Master, UAE
Mr. Pamula
Mr. Ridzal
AHTS AHT - Master, UAE
Mr. Darise
AHTS AHT DSV Utility - Master, ARAMCO
Mr. Josie - DP Basic
Tug Utility - Master, ARAMCO
Mr. Daniel
AHTS AHT - Master, UAE
Mr. Trisakti - DP Full
AHTS AHT PSV - Chief Mate, UAE
Mr. Ricky
AHTS AHT - Master, UAE
Mr. Awang
Utility - Master, S'pore
Mr. Nicolas
AHTS AHT Utility - Master, Netherlands
Mr. Yafi
AHTS AHT - Master, S'pore

We have more candidates available than what is displayed on our website. Please contact our staff to help you get more details on all available candidates.