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EMAS Offshore makes a loss and seeks new capital - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:25 July 2016
Author: Admin

EMAS Offshore Limited has reported a net loss of US$23.2 million for the financial period ended 31 May 2016 against “challenging macroeconomic and industry conditions” Read More...

Ramadhan Mubarak to Muslims around the World!
Category: Announcement
Diterbitkan pada:06 June 2016
Author: Admin

PT. Kandarra Indonesia wishes everyone a blessed month of Ramadhan.

Welcome to the holy month of Ramadhan, Happy fasting to all our Muslim friends.

Don’t forget to eat ‘Sahuur (Suhoor)’ the predawn meal (one of the main meals during the blessed month of Ramadhan). As The Prophet ﷺ said: "Eat the Predawn meal (Suhoor) as there is blessing in it". (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

Officer shortage risk to shipping industry - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:23 May 2016
Author: Admin

The latest five yearly BIMCO/International Chamber of Shipping Manpower Report for 2015 forecasts a serious shortage in the supply of officers Read More...

Swiber reports loss but shallow water focus is helping - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:18 May 2016
Author: Admin

Swiber Holdings Limited in Singapore has reported a net loss of US$0.2 million for the first quarter ended 31 March 2016. Read More...

Market downturn sees Pacific Radiance make a loss - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:17 May 2016
Author: Admin

Singapore-based offshore support vessel operator Pacific Radiance posted revenues of US$18.4 million and made a net loss of US$6.8 million in the first quarter of 2016 Read More...

Shipowners’ Association expects no let-up in crisis - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:07 April 2016
Author: Admin

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association says that as of February 2016, 101 offshore vessels belonging to its members were in layup. Read More...

Swire Pacific Offshore makes a loss - osjonline.com
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:17 March 2016
Author: Admin

Swire Pacific says its marine services division, Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), which specialises in operating offshore support vessels such as platform supply vessels and anchor handling tug supply vessels, recorded a loss of HK$1.28 billion (US$166 million) in 2015 compared with a profit of HK$1.04 billion in 2014. Read more...

Kiat Islam Mengatasi Krisis
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:16 March 2016
Author: Admin

Tatkala Krisis Melanda...

Oleh : Asy-Syaikh Husain bin Abdul Aziz Alu Syaikh
(Khotbah Jum’at Masjid Nabawi, 17 Jumadal Ula 1437 H)
Khotbah Pertama
Aneka ujian hidup dan keprihatinan menerpa individu, berbagai cobaan dan kesedihan menimpa umat. Memang demikianlah kehidupan dunia bercampur antara kesempitan dan kelapangan, kesenangan dan kesedihan. Tetapi suatu fakta yang tidak dapat disangkal bahwa urusan seorang muslim dalam kondisi apapun pastilah baik dan berpahala besar.

Thierry Pilenko - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Technip
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:23 February 2016
Author: Admin

The Oil Industry Got Together and Agreed Things May Never Get Better
Category: General Knowledge
Diterbitkan pada:15 February 2016
Author: Admin

Thousands of industry participants gathered in London for their annual get-together, only to find a world awash in crude and hardly a life jacket in sight.

The thousands of attendees seeking reasons for optimism didn’t find them at the annual International Petroleum Week. Instead they were greeted by a cacophony of voices from some of the largest oil producers, refiners and traders delivering the same message: